About Us

campbell-law signCampbell Law Ltd has been in practice in Hamilton for two years. We are located in Hamilton East. The director of our firm has over 10 years experience in Hamilton. The firm provides a large range of legal services to our clients. As a growing law firm we are confident that we have the ability and capacity to meet all of your needs.

As a local firm we are conscious of issues that affect people and organisations within our region. We are focused the challenges, constraints and opportunities facing our communities and are committed to assisting our clients with them.

Our practice of the law focuses on our clients; tailoring our approach to the overall outcomes and objectives the client is looking for and developing relationships for the long term. We provide advice to clients all over the country, but temper it with a Waikato perspective; a belief that our advice should be practical, timely and pragmatic.

We are proud of our ability to provide a diverse range of legal services to our growing client base and our ability to adapt and this progressively in order to keep pace with our clients’ needs and
requirements as they evolve.

We are committed to our clients and to helping them achieve the best possible outcomes, whatever their legal needs.