The building process can be fraught with difficulties and red tape. We are experienced in all aspects of the construction process, whether it be your family home or a large scale residential or commercial development.

construction-lawWe have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Building Act 2004 and associated regulations.

In this context we have provided advice and opinions on the many issues which arise in the course of considering and granting building consent applications including statutory interpretation, compliance issues, notices to fix and changes of use.  We have also successfully prosecuted offences under the Act.

We have also assisted a number of our clients with construction contracts.

If you are building a house or buying a section with the aim to build, ensure you avoid the practical problems that  real experience shows up.

 Our services include:
  • Assisting clients to apply for building consents
  • Advice regarding interpretation of the Building Act 2004 and Building Code
  • Advice regarding the Construction Contracts Act 2002
  • Advice regarding payment claims and payment schedules
  • Advice regarding implied warranties